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Importance of Computer in Chinese Study

Computer plays an important role in Chinese language study and research to help foreign students learn Mandarin better. The study of lexicology serves for the modern technology. And studying lexicology by making use of modern technological means will be a new stage for the researchers. During the period when you learn Mandarin in China, you may be told that we have made some progress in all kinds of research and study by taking advantage of the rich materials mastered in short time by the corpora database of computer such as the research of old words, homographs, spoken words, new words, etc.

When learning Chinese Mandarin, foreign students may hear teachers say there are many books analyze the structure of compound words by the statistical data. The computer can build corpora database of spoken words and written words with enough linguistic data. Students who lean Mandarin should know the words can be confirmed as the spoken words or written words if they are frequently appear in a certain corpora database. With the help of some assistant labels, the words of different conditions can be confirmed.

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