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Importance of Chinese Skimming

Skimming is a reading methods that read the articles generally and rapidly. The requirement is usually to understand the general ideas of the articles when you learn Mandarin. Therefore, the skimming is important because the readers can know the topic of articles in limited time. There are so many articles should be read. Even though you have made your decisions to read a certain type of articles, you can’t just read them in detail. If you find something worthwhile to read carefully when you learn Mandarin, you can stop and use other reading way to get the detailed information.

For example, you may be interested in the international news when reading. But lots of international events happen every day. Therefore, you can just spend some time to know something about what are happening when you learn Chinese language. The design of the practice for skimming should limit the time that the students read certain materials. And teachers often offer some questions before reading the materials. When you learn Mandarin, you may learn that the time of skimming an article should take 20% time of reading the whole article carefully.

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