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Immersion Teaching Method in Chinese Teaching

On January 31st of the year 2007, some Chinese language schools in California of America objected to apply the immersion teaching method to the Chinese language teaching. It is disappointing news for those who like to learn Mandarin in this method. After all, it was California that forced the immigrant students to study English before. Under the condition of the economic globalization, it becomes more important for Americans to learn Mandarin. Therefore, they should use any effective method to help them study Chinese.

In addition, the US government is encouraging Americans to learn Mandarin Chinese actively. Furthermore, some universities even provide internship for those who make great progress in Chinese learning in university. However, it is a difficult job to learn Mandarin, especially for adults. The learning result would be good if the immersion teaching method was used in teaching activities. In many places in California, many schools have made the immersion teaching plans to teach Mandarin Chinese.

For the American places that many Chinese people are living, they have good conditions for foreigners to study Chinese language by using the immersion method. So why don‘t we do that?

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