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How to Use 一言为定 when I Speak Chinese?

For those who show great interest to Chinese language, the top concern for them should be how to learn Mandarin better and faster. The best way should be put themselves into the Chinese language environment. That’s way the teachers often tell you to talk more with Chinese people after learning the language points in class. For example, you may often hear Chinese people say 他一会儿说忙,一会儿说这件事难办,我看哪,一句话,他就是不想帮你. Here 一句话is used to sum up in a very concise sentence.

When people no longer worry something, they often say 一块石头落了地to express their feeling. This expression is applied to show not to worry about anything anymore because of getting the exact news of something or because something has been solved very satisfactory. For example, 直到孩子打电话来说安全到达,他心里才一块石头落了地. If necessary, we can add才to form 一块石头才落了地.

In reading process, the foreigners who study in free Chinese lessons may often read the sentence with the structure一来…, 二来…, which is used to give reasons and purposes by the way of giving examples. You can understand in the following example. 我这次回学校,一来是看看老师,二来也是想投资母校的新教学楼.

The pattern 一言为定 is also very commonly applied in oral Chinese in daily conversation. When Chinese people say it, they usually intend to mean it has been thus decided and will not change any more. You can say好,一言为定and那当然啦,咱们一言为定!Another important oral expression is 依…看to voice one’s opinions or advice from his perspective. When you want to express your idea, you can start with 依我看. It is more often used for the first person and the second person. For instance, 那依你看,这件事应该怎么处理呢?

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