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How to Recognize Homographs in Chinese Language?

The homographs are the words with the same form but different in part of speech and meanings. Teachers would tell you to understand it as the words seem the same one but actually they are two words. Different with the alphabetic writing like English, Chinese has no change or word form, thus failing to indicate different parts of speech by changing the prefix or suffix.

Therefore, the homographs in Chinese language are the difficult points in the process of reading. If they fail to understand such words, they will not be able to understand the meanings of sentences correctly. For instance, when the students see 白衣服and白跑了一趟when they learn to speak Chinese, they should know the same form 白has different parts of speech and meanings.

On the contrary, if you thing the two 白is the same word, you can just understand one sentence correctly while the other will be misunderstood. Therefore, teachers often remind students to pay attention to such kind of words because the homographs are often seen in Chinese language.

Just the same as 白, the words such as 怪, 净, 老and过also need much attention of students because then act as adjectives when modifying nouns and function as adverbs when modifying verbs and adjectives. For examples, 这是一件怪事and这件衣服怪好看的.

Generally speaking, the monographs with different parts of speech have some relationships with each other even though the meanings are different. Therefore, when students learn one word when they have some free Chinese lessons of Keats school, they can use it to guess the other meaning. For instance, 过in 车已经过了桥了and他开车过快have similarity in meaning is spite of different parts of speech.

In summary, the number of monograph in Chinese language is not so many but will definitely cause bad effect on reading comprehension. The thing often happens to students that they know one but do not recognize another. Therefore, teachers should tell students to learn with the attitude of understanding one when meeting one. The best way is to gradually accumulate and master monographs.

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