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How to Apply Practicality to Chinese Teaching?

It is not enough to stress the forms and structures in language explanation. We should also explain the conditions of application clearly by combining meaning and context because the aim of Chinese teaching is not help students study Chinese by analyzing the structures, but also improve their ability of using the language they learned. Firstly, the practicality includes the natural and real examples and practice. If the examples related to certain points are from the real life, it is good for learners who study Chinese to understand. It is not practical if the examples are nothing to do with the real life.

Besides, syntactic characteristics should be clearly explained. However, teachers should pay more attention to the points that the students often make mistakes when they learn to speak Chinese. And the semantic relation should be analyzed so that the learners have a clear understanding how to use it. Another point that is important to the learners who study Chinese is the pragmatic function and context condition. Only all of these points related to the application of Chinese language are explained clearly can students know how to put them into practical use. 

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