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George Bush Enjoy the Fun in the Challenge of Learning Chinese

For those Americans who ever come to learn Chinese in China may have known that the former president George Bush ever learned Chinese language during the time he was the director of the United States Liaison Office in Beijing. He expressed his opinion that it is important for him to learn Chinese language.

When George Bush just arrived in China, he expressed his feeling in his diary that it is a hard time and insufferable moment in the house that no one can speak English. Even though he has been China for eight or nine months, he still thought he had the language barrier. Maybe that’s the reason why he decided to start to study Chinese better.

After learning Chinese for a short time, he continuously knew clearly that it is so hard to live when you live in foreign country but don’t know the certain language. To answer the questions about the reason he began to learn Mandarin, he ever said that there are 800 million geniuses are working in the whole China and they are all speak Chinese. Therefore, it is important for him to study Chinese language.

In his diary, he recorded that he ever attended to Mandarin learning courses for about half a year. He and his wife Barbara learned five days in each week. One class held in each day and one class for one hour. He has decided to learn Chinese. But he should attend to the classes if he wants to learn better. However, he sometimes missed the classes because of work. He said that he love Chinese classes and he felt unpleasant when he had to miss a class.

He also said that he enjoy the fun of challenging the Chinese learning. For foreigners who study in China, the mastering of the four tones is a difficult point. It is the same for the former president of America. After a week’s learning, he felt it is difficult and strange. But he could understand some in the tones. The complex tones stimulated his interest of Chinese language learning.

Of course, George Bush admitted some progress he has made in time to stimulate his interest and gain the confidence. But at the same time he also had much complaint. During the process when he had to learn Chinese language, he wrote in his diary: “the Chinese language classes are increasing. I gradually made some progress. But God, it is so tough”.

After a period of time Chinese language learning, he had made great progress in language, especially in numbers. He also said: “I still feel much frustration in learning Chinese. When I sat down to talk with Miss Tang, I was confused in several points so that I couldn’t continue to communicate in Chinese. My problem is the inadequate exercises.” Teachers in Chinese language school agree that practice makes perfect when it comes to Chinese learning.

The Sino-US relation has always been an important relation among countries of the whole world. When you go to school to study Mandarin, teachers may also tell you that the Chinese learning may related to the relation between these two countries. What’s more, it is also an essential approach to learn more aboutChinese culture and know Chinese people.

A piece of news comes from the teachers in Mandarin language courses in China that the knowledgeable and friendly George Bush would increase more knowledge in the process of learning Chinese, thus bringing convenience to his work and daily life. Therefore, it is obviously that learning Chinese is beneficial to your life when you are in China.

Just several months before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the president Hu Jintao met him in Beijing. In the meeting, Mr. Hu praised him for always paying much importance and concern in the relation between China and the United States as well as the support of the development of friendly business between the two countries. The teachers who teach Mandarin language in China tell us that George Bush ever said: “I always think that the Sino-US relation is the most important bilateral relation in the world”. There is no doubt that the experience of learning Chinese language fully proved his idea.

More and more Americans come to China to learn Chinese language. The relation between China and the United States is very important. Therefore, the phenomenon that more American people learn Chinese will promote the development and communication between two nations. 

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