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Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve with Rich Resources

In the west bank of Nujiang River, there is a Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve. Those foreign students who learn Mandarin in the city of Kunming may be told that the nature reserve covers an area of 120 thousand hectares, with the length of 135 kilometers from north to south and width of 9 kilometers from west to east. The very typical alpine gorge landscape and rich diversity of plant and animal resources are spread.

With the forest cover rate of 85%, the nature reserve is regarded as a pearl in Hengduan Mountains. If you come to learn Chinese in China, you may be told that the complex topography and ecological environment provide perfect conditions to the growth of a variety of plants and animals. The giant Gaoligong Mountain body keeps out of the cold current from the northwest and keeps the warm current from India Ocean, forming typical subtropical climate.

The areas in the eastern and western slops with the altitude of 1600 meters to 2800 meters are the main body of the nature reserve. Connecting with Himalaya area in the east, it becomes the most attractive original broad-leaved forest area in China. The students who study in qualified Mandarin program should know that many species of rare plants can be seen in this area such as rhododendron giganteum with the history of 500 years.

Of course, there are some other species that the foreign students who study in China may be familiar with like the national first level protection tree taiwania flousiana and the original species of Yunnan sakura and camellia as well as other rare species, making it the forest collecting the rare tree species in China.

For the Hengduan Mountains extending to the north, the zoologists call it as the corridor of the south and north animal areas. Some students may hear it is called the origin place of mammal ancestors’ differentiation when they study Chinese in Kunming city. Among so many wild animals living in this area, 30 species belong to the national protection animals.

At present, the Dulong River Road is constructed in the central area of the nature reserve. Heipu Tunnel is one thing the foreign students who learn to speak Chinese need to know which is in the altitude of 3200 meters and 51 kilometers away from the county. It is the only way which must be passed if you intend to Dulong River.

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