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First Concert by National Youth Orchestra of Germany in China

The National Youth Orchestra of Germany was in China for the first time. They gave a wonderful show to the Chinese audience in the National Center for the Performing Arts and presented the sound of Germany traditional music. The National Youth Orchestra of Germany was founded in 1969 and was regarded as the cradle to foster the top Germany symphony orchestra performers. Many members were holding some important positions in the Berlin Phiharmonic and Bavarian Radio Orchestra. Even some masters like the queen of the clarinet Sabine Meyer and violinist Christian Tetzlaff were famous around the world were born from the National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

The gifted National Youth Orchestra of Germany was led by Mario Venzago. According to the introduction who learned mandarin in China, Mario Venzago was famous all over the world and was brilliant in directing the orchestra. The team presented the Symphony No. 2 by Gustav Mahler and Cello Concerto by Schumann which were famous all over the world. The performers in the National Youth Orchestra of Germany were all good at playing the two classic pieces. The performance revealed the grasp of the magnificence of the masterpiece as well as the delicate handle of the details of the music.

Nicolas Altstaedt, solo cello performer on the orchestra, also attracted much attention from the audience. The performer was of great talents and was developing qucckly under his efforts. He had obtained the first place of the international competitions. He also cooperated with many international first-class phiharmonic groups like Vienna Phiharmonic Orchestra for many times. Many students in summer program in China said they liked the great performer and the play he gave.

Then the team presented many orchestras full of foreign tints. With the applause of the audience, the team presented a special performance filled with Chinese characteristics to bless the Chinese fans. The hosting organizer said the Weekend Concert had prepared many wonderful concerts to make the audience relax in the hot summer. In the following two months, many plays would be presented in the National Center for the Performing Arts. Many lectures would be held in the center which focused the appreciation and experience of the classic arts. Some famous artists like Wang Xiaoying, Wu Lingfeng and Wei Chunrong would interact with the audience by then.

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