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Different forms of address for a wife in China

In Chinese, there are various forms of the address for a wife and each of them boasts different meanings.

“huang hou” : an empress.

“fu ren”: the wives of the dukes and princes.

“zao kang”: one’s wife who has shared his hard a lot.

“tai tai”: used by the common people in the old times to address the wives of governmental officials.

“qi zi”: it includes both one’s wife and children when “zi” is stressed and pronounced in the 3rd tone. It can also be called “qi shi” or “qi”.

“ai ren”: it refers either the husband or the wife. It is very commonly used nowadays.

“lao banr”: it is used by old couples to address each other.

“niang zi” in some places is used to call one’s wife, while in other places the wife is called “po niang”.

“xifur” is most commonly used in the countryside of Henan Province. But when you address the wife of a man of the same generation or the wife of one’s younger relatives, you should add the husband’s name before it and call her “so-and-so’s “xifur”.

“lao po” has become a popular address used among young peope. It is usually used in the oral speech.

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