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Dialogues and Training Memory to Improve Chinese Mandarin Language

As we all know, the aim of learning Mandarin Chinese is help the foreign learners to put the language knowledge into practical use in daily communication. Therefore, the oral language is very important. Besides, the students need good memory to learn language points. Therefore, we should train these two aspects in classroom teaching.

In order to help students who study in China, improvising the dialogues is an effective to practice oral Chinese. Teachers first prepare a short film for students to listen. When playing it, teachers should turn down the volume to zero. Then students can see only the film without any voice. After playing it for two or three times, teachers will divide the students into several groups and work together to guess and discuss the plot and improvise the dialogues.

After preparing for several minutes, the students of the groups should do role play imitating the short film. When all groups finishing performing, teachers can turn up the volume and play it again. During the process of listening to the record, students who learn Mandarin should make a comparison with what they write.

It is helpful to train students’ ability of oral composition and stimulate their imagination when they learn Mandarin in China. But teachers should pay attention to that the short film should have completed plot but not so long so that students can guess and improvise in limited time. Teachers can also make a comparison between different groups to see which group is the best.

For the memory training, the following is a good method. Teachers first prepare a picture for students. It would be better if the contents on the pictures are related to the language contents learned. After looking at the pictures for thirty seconds, students who study Chinese should fold it and speak out the things in the picture. After all students finish it, teachers can open the pictures to see what has been left out.

If there is something that students say incorrectly, teachers can analyze the reasons of making mistakes briefly. This method is very helpful to strengthen students’ memory and improve the ability of describing. No matter how much the students say correctly, teachers should give proper encouragement to gain their confidence to learn Chinese in China.

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