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Dali Three-Cup Tea

In Dali Yunnan Province, there is a famous tea—Dali Three-Cup Tea, it is prepared for the respectful guests. The 1st cup is completely bitter; the 2nd cup is made of sweet ingredients, like walnut, lotus seed and jujube etc. So it is quite pleasant to try this cup. The 3rd cup is for you to aftertaste, it is neither too bitter nor too sweet, it is a mixture of different tastes, and it is very fragrant. The whole series can be concluded as: one bitter two sweet and three aftertastes. The three cups of tea represent the 3 periods of human’s life. At first it is always bitter for you, and after you suffer from the hardships successfully, it becomes sweet. And maybe when we are old, we may try to recall and reflect the life we’ve passed and you know the value of your life, what is good and what is bad; what is worthy and what is worthless.

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