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Cultural Exchange and Cooperation between China and Japan

On March 21st, the minister of the Ministry of Culture Cai Wu met the Qiangu Zhenmei, the curator of Tokyo National Museum in Japan who came to visit China. When you attend to school to study Mandarin, you may hear that both sides discussed and exchanged the views and ideas about further strengthening the cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan. The minister Cai said that China and Japan are friendly neighbors with a long history of cultural exchange.

The Chinese government always attaches great importance to the cultural communication with Japan. As we know, Tokyo National Museum is the most influential museum with the longest history in Japan. Since the 70s of the last century, it has held 20 exhibitions of Chinese cultural relics, helping Japanese people have a better understanding to Chinese culture and making positive contribution to enhance the friendship between peoples of both countries.

Among so many exhibitions held by Tokyo National Museum, the one held from January to February in this year in the museum made great success. All of the cultural relics exhibited are the treasures of the National Palace Museum. The people who went for the exhibition reached as many as 2.58 million. In addition, the emperor, empress and the crown prince of Japan as well as the former prime ministers like Yoshiro Mori, Yasuo Fukuda all went to take a visit. Some of the visitors even waited in line for five hours for the exhibition.

During the meeting, the minister Cai Wu encouraged Japan for continuing to make efforts in the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Japan. At the same time, the curator Qiangu Zhenmei also extended the gratitude for the support and help in holding Chinese cultural relics exhibition to the Ministry of Culture especially the minister Cai Wu. A piece of news comes from those who study Mandarin online that Japan will take the chance of the 40 anniversary of China and Japan diplomatic normalization to process more cultural exchange and cooperation activities.

It is reported that the Japanese government will strengthen the cooperation with China to make efforts to hold Chinese Art Exhibition and Chinese Civilization Exhibition in Japan in this year, hoping to promote the understanding and friendship between peoples of both countries under the guide of the Ministry of Culture. At that time, the relationship and communication between China and Japan will be promoted to a new stage.

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