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Concentrated Intensifying Teaching of Words in Mandarin

Many psychologists have studied a lot about the regularity of the acquisition of the words when they study the memory. They believed words are restored in the memory with the form of network. As a result, the isolated words are not easy to memorize firmly and also hard to research from the memory. Therefore, Chinese teachers in free Chinese lessons need to pay attention to make full use of the method such as similarity, comparison, association and connection to make the words a network and present it to the students.

If the goal in the elementary and intermediate phases is twenty thousand words, those words need to be classified according to the meaning categories so that each word belongs to a certain classification. If there are not so many words in certain semantic field, those words can be learned and mastered within one or two times. On the contrary, if there are too many words to be learned in certain filed, you’d better master it by dividing into three stages. The total 20 thousand words can be intensified in concentration for three circulations after distributing them into three circulations in accordance with the frequency of appearance.

In this way, each semantic field can be regarded as a lesson which will last for one week. If there are 250 words in the first semantic field of the first circulation, then the teachers should give the new words tablet to the students first and the students are supposed to remember firmly. Of course, one thing that the foreign students who study Mandarin Chinese need to pay attention to is to listen to the recording when memorizing the words, thus combining the words forms with pronunciation together. At the same time, teachers need to make use of methods like word-formation, comparison, association and connection to help the students to memorize

Even though many people criticize the method of explaining the meanings of Chinese words with the words in their mother tongues, it is simple and brief. The only shortcoming is that those words need to be consolidated in the reappearance of the language context. However, finishing the memory of those 250 words does not mean you have remembered them. As a part of the network, those words have some connection with the network but need to be consolidated and intensified and the information needs further process, or they will be forgotten very soon. Of course, the most important thing is to use those words.

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