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Chinese Theories about the Relation of Vocabulary Structure

About the vocabulary structure relationship, Liu Shuxin‘s theories are representative. He thinks that we should see the problem of vocabulary system according to the organizational relations in the internal of vocabulary. Then, when you learn Mandarin, you should know that the structural organization is the key factor of forming the vocabulary system. Some people believe the problem of vocabulary system is solved to emphasize the grammar factor that dominates vocabulary system. But students who learn Mandarin should realize it can be built only in the organization features even if the system exists.

According to the idea mentioned above, Liu discussed the relationships that are related to the vocabulary structure like synonymy relation, antonym relation, object segmentation relation and collocation relation that the students who study Mandarin in China may hear about. Therefore, the importance of his theories is not weather vocabulary can form system, but proposes the idea of vocabulary structural organization. According to this idea, foreigners who learn Mandarin should know that vocabulary is very different from grammar. And the vocabulary study and grammar study should be strictly distinguished in contents and methods.

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