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Chinese Skipping Reading Methods

People need to read many things every day. We should use different ways to read for various purposes. Skipping is one of the reading methodss often used when foreigners learn Mandarin. It is the reading methods to read the catalogue of books or titles of newspapers for general information. When you read one piece of newspaper, you may first skip for what you are interested in and then read it carefully. If you read in this way when you learn Mandarin, the process of finding the interesting news is called skipping. It is the same when you pick up one book and decide which chapter to read.

In the age of information explosion, people meet many kinds of magazines and articles and information every day. Generally speaking, it is impossible for students in Mandarin language program to read every article. And the purpose of skipping is to find out the one you really want to read. The training of skipping is to demand the learners who learn Mandarin find the specified articles and contents rapidly and accurately. It is very useful when you surf the internet for certain information.

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