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Chinese Sculptures Exhibition Opened Up

The Chinese Sculptures Exhibition was one of the activities which were held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of National Museum of China. The exhibition opening ceremony was co-hosted by National Museum of China and Association of Chinese Sculptures. The Chinese teachers may tell those who were learning Mandarin in China that the National Museum of China was one of the biggest museums in the world. The museum was a comprehensive one which exhibited the history as well as art. Cultural relics collection, historical research, archaeology and culture exchange were also shown in the museum. The museum was famous for its complete and systematic show of the historical and cultural process of the Chinese people.

Relevant leaders were present at the opening ceremony. Zuo Zhongyi, vice-president of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Lv Zhangshen, curator of National Museum of China, Feng Yuan, vice-president of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Lu Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and relevant officers of Association of Chinese Sculptures were present at the ceremony and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. The present officers said different kinds of art styles could find a great chance to communicate with each other. The exhibition also offered an opportunity to exchange foreign ideas with Chinese ones.

If one was taking Mandarin learning courses in China during that time, one could go to the museum to appreciate the fine art and the exhibited articles which presented the long history of China and the splendid culture.

The theme of the exhibition was combination and inheritance. The exhibition works included those of the Chinese modern sculptures pioneers and those of the three generations of sculptors who were the representatives after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. The vivid sculptures witnessed the national culture and humanity spirit of China through the representation of the sculptures. The sculptures would be on display for half year and communicate with the visitor about the art and history of China.

It was worth noticing that the only existing piece of Li Jinfa, the pioneer of Chinese sculptures was on display as well. The year witnessed the 20th anniversary of the Association of Chinese Sculptures. The exhibition got support form the National Art Museum of China, Central Academy of Fine Arts AND Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. The exhibition showed the development process of the modern Chinese sculptures spirit.

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