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Chinese Language Schools in the US

Most westerners who come to learn Chinese in China may have heard about the remarks made by the United States president Barack Obama in one high school graduation ceremony in Memphis. He said that when the students are looking for a job, they will not just compete with the young people from Nashville or Atlanta’s, but also with those from Beijing and Mumbai.

In order to receive the challenge and competition of such kind, more and more primary schools and secondary schools realized the importance of opening Chinese language schools to encourage students to study Chinese. According to the latest survey of United States Department of Education Center for Applied Linguistics, Chinese courses develop better as they reduce expenditure to cancel the foreign language teaching in middle schools.

The Chinese language courses in the United States have expanded from eastern and western coast to the Midwest. According to the reports of New York Times, the number of primary and secondary schools setting up Chinese learning programs has risen from 300 of 10 years ago more than more than 1600 in recently years.

The statistics from United States College Board show that Chinese language is becoming the third largest language following Spanish and French in the preparation courses exams for colleges. Some students who study in China may feel that Chinese language education is changing the prospect of future foreign language education in the future.

At the same time, the Chinese language education in the United States is influencing the study and life of the American who learn Mandarin Chinese. In the Chinese language courses of Montgomery Bell Academy in Tennessee, there are many activities are held for gaining the interest of Chinese language learning.

The theme of one of the activities is “Chinese tourism promotion”. In this activity, they students who in learn Mandarin first choose a city in China and introduce the tourists attractions of the city, including travel lines, means of transportation, snaps and accommodations. It is beneficial for them to acquire Chinese language in the process of knowing more about China.

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