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Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition in Paris

The Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition would be held in Chinese culture Center in Paris, France. The exhibition was organized by the Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Evaluation Activity Committee and would be displayed for ten days from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 1st. The exhibition was approved by the Chinese culture Ministry. The exhibition was held in the invitation of the Chinese culture Center in France and was co-hosted by the Chinese culture Center in Paris and China Cultural Media Corporation.

Forty Cultural Streets were elected from Chinese Cultural and Historical Streets evaluation conference. Among the forty streets, fifteen streets and communities were displayed in the Streets Exhibition in Paris. The fifteen streets and communities on the exhibition presented the history and culture of China. The exhibition centered on the form of presenting the streets and articles with some certain stories. The streets were all elected from China and were reflected by some pictures which mirrored the history of the old streets. The articles were the commodities and handicrafts which reflected the features of the old streets. The stories were the descriptions of the old streets of 500 words to 800 words and the contents of the stories related to the history, the naming of the old shops and so on. Many foreign students in Chinese language school expressed the idea that they liked to visit the old streets for they could mirror the history and culture of China.

In order to expand the influence of the Chinese historical and Cultural Streets around the whole country and internationally, the Streets Committee held Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition in Tokyo in Japan in Year 2011. This was the first time that the Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition went to foreign countries and presented the features of Chinese culture and history with the form of pictures, videos and articles.

The exhibition displayed the charm and beauty of the Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets. In order to protect the historical and cultural streets and present the Chinese historical and cultural streets to the world, the committee held this exhibition to popularize the Chinese history and culture to the outside world. The exhibition created a platform in which the foreign people could appreciate the Chinese culture and history and know more about China. 

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