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Chinese Cultural Center in Paris – A Cultural Name Card

It was reported from the European Times that Cai Wu, the minister of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, visited France. He came to the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris to pay an inspection visit and communicated with the staff at the Cultural Department of Chinese Embassy to France and the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris. He said the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris was not the first one cultural center established in global overseas cultural centers but it was the best and the biggest one in all the overseas cultural centers built all over the world. With the development and repairing work in recent years, it took a new outlook and great changes had taken place in the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris. He thought the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris had become a name card to represent the Chinese culture in France.

China’s ambassador to France Kong Quan and his spouse Wang Yingying as well as the director general of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Cultural Bureau Hou Xianghua were all present at the symposium. On the symposium, Ambassador Kong Quan introduced the fruits of cultural exchange between China and France. Yin Fu, Chairman of the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris, introduced the respective cultural activities that had been developed. Wang Yingying, president of the Sunshine School, presented the growth of the school.

Cai Wu also pointed that Paris was really a city of rich culture and it was important to build to establish a Chinese cultural center there. He said a lot of French came to China to study Chinese and they also liked the Chinese culture and history. With the development of China, the country confronted with the need to improve the cultural soft power. The influence of culture in China was not in right proportion to the percentage of political and economical influence. Our country had rich cultural resources but they had not turned into cultural influence and had no actual strength. Thus, the improvement of Chinese cultural construction was important.

There were five aspects of cultural construction. The first aspect was the creation and prosperity of cultural art. The second was the promotion of the cultural industry. The third was the establishment of the cultural system. The fourth was the preservation of culture. The fifth was the spreading of the culture.

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