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Chinese Cuisines Sichuan Style

People regard food as their prime want.and food safety is a top priority.民以食为天,食以安为先。

       Cooking is an ancient Chinese art.Some 3,000 years ago,the Chinese people already knew how to“deliciously”blend the five flavors五味一pungent辛(辣),sweet甘(甜)j sour酸,bitter苦,and salty and today Chinese cuisine is ranked among the world’s best and Chinese restaurants can be found in many countries and regions throughout the world. Chinese cooking places great stress on the color, fragrance, taste, form and nutrition of the food and is very particular about cutting and temperature control. According to the rough estimates, there more than 5000 different local cooking styles in China. The most popular cooking styles in Chinese are those of Sichuan, Guangdong, Shadong, and Huaiyang (Jiangsu).

        As early as the Qing Dynasty(1644—1911),some overseas Chinese opened Chinese restaurants in England and other countries and regions. Since then, Chinese cuisine has been popular the world over.

       The Chinese cooking is very delicate and has a great variety. It is agreeable to different races of people all over the world.
Diet is a kind of civilization of humanity and cooking is a superb art. With the development of social productive forces,and the increase of international exchanges, the Chinese cookery art is sure to be further improved. But it is a pity that only a few books were written about the Chinese cuisine in ancient times.

       The cook at Keats School can cook more than 200 dishes. If you study Chinese in China at Keats School and eat here as well, you will have a chance to have all kinds of Chinese dishes. Moreover, Kunming style food is well know all over China. studying Chinese in Kunming is an ideal choice.

       Distinct features of Sichuan Style:They prefer steaming, simmering, and smoking.The cooking is elaborate and meticulous and the flavoring highly varied and mixed.The taste of each dish is very distinct-A common Chinese saying about Sichuan cuisine is that each meal has its own unique taste and no two dishes have the same flavor.

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