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Chinese Characters with Phonetic Indictors

Even though Chinese language learners do not know how to learn Mandarin at very beginning, they all know Chinese characters are composed of phonetic indicators and meaning elements, each has their own functions. That is to say, phonetic indicators of Chinese characters indicate the pronunciation of the characters while the meaning elements indicate the meanings. As a result, The phonetic elements which indicate the pronunciation of the characters because not every phonetic indictor of Chinese character indicates the pronunciation.

Some scholars make an investigation from all the 7000 basic characters in Chinese language and found that 5631 phonetic structures include 1325 different phonetic symbols. Teachers may tell you that the reason is that 479 of the 5631 phonetic structures belong to polyphones when they teach Mandarin language. When adding the 479 polyphones, the total number of the phonetic structures should be 6110. The following introduction is about the statistics of the pronunciation ways of all kinds of phonetic symbols.

The number of the characters which have the same initial consonants, simple or compound vowels as well as tones is 2292, accounting for 37.51% with the example of the character 圆. In the same way, the number of characters that have the same initial consonants and vowels but different tones area about 1110, taking the rate of 18.17% such as the character 远. However, the characters that the initial consonants and tones are the same but vowels are different are as many as just 237, covering the proportion of 3.88%. One of the typical examples is 结.

About the total number of the characters with the same simple or compound vowels and tones but different initial consonants, it is about 343, covering 5.61%, with the typical example of 琛. Some information such as the characters with the same initial consonants but different vowels and tones are as many as 266, with the percentage of 4.35%, for instance, 煮. With the percentage of 10.56%, 645 characters like 葵 have the same vowels but different initial consonants and tones.

In addition, the number of the characters which have the same tones but different initial consonants and vowels is 441, covering 7.22% like 睹. The last but not least, 776 characters like 都are different in initial consonants, vowels and tones, covering the percentage of 12.70%.

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