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Characters Recognition and Acquisition Features in Mandarin

It is universally thought that Chinese characters are difficult to learn because of the big differences between Chinese characters and the alphabetic writings as well as the differences of the learning methods. Of course, there are also some other reasons cause this result. The research on the human brain shows that there are obvious division of labor between the left brain and the right brain. The former is responsible for the language and calculation which has abstract thinking characteristics like continuity, ordering and analysis.

However, the right brain is mainly for the music, painting, dance, art, space consciousness, finding the hidden relations, imagination and affection, with the vivid thinking features of discreteness, diffusibility and integrity. In addition, the students who study in online Chinese Lessons might be told that the listening, speaking, reading and writing of language are processed by the specific regions in the brain. That is to say, the right brain is also involved in the language activity like the application, especially the Chinese language even though the left brain takes the most responsibility of the meanings, cohesion and logic of language. The reason is that the Chinese language is a kind of language with tones which need to be controlled by the right brain.

Therefore, only the left brain and the right brain is combined perfectly can the overseas students who learn Mandarin Chinese can speak exactly and beautiful. If you intend to study Chinese language better, you need to read more, write more and speak more. In a word, you need to memorize depend on the “act”. For English learning, the language atmosphere is much more important. The research of neurolinguistics shows that the language function areas are mainly the Broca area and the Weinike area. Chinese people acquire Chinese language since they were very young so that the Broca area is really developed but the other area is relatively weak.

The Chinese characters are a little like the paintings so that the learning of Chinese language need the cooperation of the Broca area. If you pay much attention, you might have found that the children education is China is called to read books and recognize characters, indicating the importance of Chinese characters. The overseas students acquire Chinese language knowledge and train the characters skills almost through learning and using Chinese Pinyin, and then gradually transited to the basic unit combination of Chinese characters until the complete Chinese characters.

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