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Bing Zhong Luo in Nujiang Prefecture

Nujiang prefecture in Yunnan province is a mountainous area. If you are interested in rural tourism when you study in Group Chinese class in China, you can try o visit Bing Zhong Luo, which is located in the north of Gongshan County, about 42 kilometers far away. The scenery there is fantastic because Nujiang River flows from Tibet and makes a turn in Bing Zhong Luo, forming a wide plain area. It is also the largest plain area in Nujiang Canyon of Nujiang prefecture.

What’s more, there are a variety of ethnic groups living in this area, such as Nu people, Tibetan, Dulong people and Lisu people and so on. As a result, the multi-national culture and multi-religion are formed naturally. There are primitive totem worship and Lamaism as well as the western Catholicism. Various religions coexist in this area, becoming a wonder in religion. In addition, Nu people and Tibetan there are good at singing and dancing, making it the hometown of songs and dances in Nujiang.

The so-called fresh flower festival in this area is also famous and you can enjoy the scene of covering the house with stone cover. Some students who study Mandarin online are worrying about the accommodation. As a matter of fact, since the local place makes efforts to develop the tourism in recent years, there are reception points in peasant families. After you parking at Bing Zhong Luo, you can go forward and arrive at a small village with various ethnic peoples after half an hour and there is a church of Catholicism.

There are several families receive the visitors, one of which is Ding family, a Tibetan family. It is the earliest family that receives the tourists. In this family, you can taste the local delicious food, cakes slate cakes. First of all, the cakes or buns are baked on the slate and eat with some buttered tea. Only a piece of cake can make you feel full.

Many foreign tourists love the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the pure ethnic customs. The students who attend to Group Mandarin class in China love this place because they can not only enjoy the fresh air there, but also the local customs. In addition, the people are all very kind-hearted and simple. you can save much money because the price for everything is not so expensive. 

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