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Basic Information of Glassware in China

In Chinese language, the glassware is called Bo Li Qi. The appearance of the glassware in China was in the late of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, about the middle of the 14th century. In addition, when you attend to Chinese school to study Mandarin, teachers would tell you that the craftsmanship of making the glassware was one of the most popular making techniques in the period of Mind and Qing Dynasties, which lasted from 1368 to 1911.

The raw material of the glassware is a kind of glass with low melting point. It was said that it was originally introduced from the western regions which are the areas of Xinjiang province in China and the central Asia area. When it came to Wanli period in Ming Dynasty, which was the period from 1572 to 1620, the production of the glassware in Boshan area in Shandong province has been really popular and also spread into Beijing.

In the year of 1696, which was in Kangxi period in Qing Dynasty, the first glass industry with large scale was found in Beijing, specializing in producing the glassware especially used in the imperial palace, winning the appreciation of the royal members at that time. One point that the students who study in intensive Mandarin course in China should know is that the most famous producing areas of the glassware in Ming and Qing period were Beijing and Boshan in Shandong province.

In addition, the glassware in Boshan enjoyed the reputation of “artistic colored glaze in Boshan” and was famous for jade and jewel, emerald and corals and so on. The most obvious feature is the combination of the practicability and the decoration. Therefore, it is not only beautiful but also helpful. The handicraft is also very elegant and exquisite, including hundreds of daily goods, decorations and ornaments.

The glassware made in Beijing is also exquisite with a variety of colors. The one worthy of mentioning is that the pseudo-jade works are just as the same as the real ones, indicating the excellence of the handicraft reaches a very high degree. The species of the glassware made in Beijing is also various, including all kinds of traditional ornaments and jewelries, daily decorations and the statues of animals and plants as well as persons. There are totally more than 1500 species, enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad.

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