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Attention to the Typicality when Teaching Chinese Grammar

For different kinds of language phenomena, teachers should tell apart the different aspects and make some choices. It means teachers should highlight the typicality of the application to avoid the confusion of the grammar phenomena in different levels and natures. Otherwise, the students who learn Chinese in China may be confused and fail to seize the regularity.

In the process when teachers teach Mandarin language, they should attach much attention to the basic usage. They should focus on one or two points each time. For example, we may see “是” is used before the adjectives. But it is not allowed when the adjectives functioned as predicate. Without “是” before adjectives is the most typical usage while using “是” is conditional. Therefore, teachers can emphasize no “是” before adjectives for the beginners.

Besides, teachers should distinguish the different levels and language phenomena. The “的” in “这是我的朋友” can be omitted but the one in “我的桌子” is not. But we can hear people say “放在我桌上” in practical use. If we just tell the students who study Chinese that the “的” can be omitted if the structure is pronoun add noun, it will mix up the general and the special.

Of course, for some teaching contents, teachers can highlight both the system and the typicality. It depends on the different teaching designs. For the following three sentences “他汉语说得很好、他说得很好、他说汉语说得很好”, it is better to teach together from the systematicness. But the first sentence is the most typical one. The materials that the students use to learn Mandarin often emphasize the systematicness. Therefore, teachers can teach together.

In fact, it depends on the overall teaching designs and characteristics who study in China as well as the learning goals. If the learners’ learning time, energy and goals are limited, we should stress the typicality. On the contrary, we had better teach them systematically.

Last but not least, teachers should highlight the typicality when teach certain grammar point but also in arranging contents, examples and practice. In oral Chinese, the “被” structure often used to express the unhappy things. Therefore, teachers in Mandarin learning courses should choose relevant texts to teach the “被” structure.

In brief, for the beginners of Chinese learning, the typicality should be emphasized so that the learners will not be confused by the various grammar points.

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