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Application of Chinese Characters

There are many kinds of application of the Chinese characters like antithetical couplet, poem, palindrome, anadiplosis and riddles. Students who learn Mandarin should know there are two parts in one antithetical couplet. The word numbers and part of speech should be the same with relevant rhythm. The modern style poem is strict in forms and it is unique literary form in Chinese language. When you learn Mandarin, you may hear about palindrome, which has certain meaning when it is read from the opposite direction. It is a commonly used figure of speech by ancient Chinese people.

Anadiplosis is a kind of common form of character game taking advantage of the features of Chinese characters. For anadiplosis, students who learn Chinese Mandarin language can see the first one or two characters at the end of the first sentence are the beginning of the second sentence. The riddles that regard Chinese characters as answers or questions are unique word games in Chinese language. Foreign students can learn Mandarin by this way because it is interesting and they can feel the charm of Chinese characters by guessing the riddles.

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