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Analogue Method Applied in Chinese Teaching

The analogue method is also called the method of pattern. During the process when foreigners learn Mandarin, they may know it is different from the comprehensive approach and deductive method because it resolves the grammar rules into some sentence patterns and then standardized the sentence patterns into some example sentences. After that, the learners who learn Mandarin can see some sentences. After imitating and comparing and practicing those sentence patterns, the learners can master the language skills.

For example, after teaching 了, teachers should firstly emphasize the dialogues in the textbooks like A: 你们昨天赢了没有? B: 没赢, which the foreigners who learn Chinese language may be familiar. Then, the students should do the replacement practice such as A: 你们昨天看书了没有? B: 没看. Of course, the purpose of practicing in this way is that the students who learn Mandarin can master and use the structure …了没有. This method is directly, easy to understand and practical in Chinese teaching. But teachers should also use proper methods according to the conditions of students. 

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