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In the Chinese language, “马” refers to the animal “horse”, it is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. “shàn? mǎ上马” means “get on the horse”, it can also mean that some projects are going to be promoted. And change the position of the two words, we get “马上mǎ shàn?”, it is also a very important word, which means “immediately, at once”. In the Chinese people’s mind, “horse” is very positive animal which represents energy and hope. The word “黑马hēi mǎ”(“hēi” means “black”), it refers to both a black horse or a unexpected success of a man or the people himself or herself. Put “horse” and “tiger” together, we get “马虎mǎ hu”, it doesn’t just stand for the two animals, it means “careless”. And “马马虎虎mǎ mǎ hu hu” means “just so-so.”

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