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Dialects Words in Chinese Language

When we mention about the dialects words, there are two levels of meanings that the overseas students who learn Mandarin should know. The broad sense of dialects words is the words used in some places but not belong to the common language of Han people. If you go to Chinese school to learn Mandarin, teachers would tell you the narrow sense of it is the words once popular in the dialects then the words were gradually absorbed by the Mandarin. In order to make the meaning clear, it is better to defined as dialects-derived words.

It is widely accepted that the dialects in Chinese language are divided into dialects in seven areas. But, when you learn Chinese Mandarin language, you should know the division of the dialects is relative. Beijing dialect is the basic dialect of the Chinese Mandarin. Foreign students who learn Mandarin should know all of those dialects have various differences with Mandarin. The Cantonese and Fujian dialect have the biggest difference with Mandarin Chinese, then Hunan dialect, Jianxi dialect and Hakka dialect.

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