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Wuzi, Ancient Record of the Ancient Philosophers

China has a splendid history of ancient literature. Many foreigners are interested in the ancient books and literature. When they go to place to learn Chinese, they like to learn something about the ancient culture and stories of the ancient famous writers. Many may know the ancient military theoretician whose name is Wu Qi. He was the famous politics reformer, strategist, military theoretician and military reformer during the early period of Warring States period. He wrote the Chinese ancient book about military affairs.

He formally acknowledged Zeng Shen as his master and he was appointed as the general in Lu and he often won the wars. Then he went Wei to be the general of the country. Marquess Wen of Wei appointed him to lead the military team to fight against Qin. He won the war for many times and was appointed to be the chief officer of Xihe. In Wei, he helped the Marquess Wen of Wei to carry out the policies held by the school of Fa. He developed the reform of the school. The Qin army built a small kiosk beside the boundary of Wei as the main military fortress. In order to capture the fortress, Wu Qi ordered that those soldiers who captured the fortress first would be appointed as senior officials and the endowment of fields and residence. The soldiers were all inspired and they captured the kiosk in the end.

During the time of the Marquess Wu of Wei, Wu Qi was elbowed out and he had to leave Wei for Chu. The king of the Chu country appointed him as the post of lingyin which was equal to the post of the prime minister in feudal China. Wu Qi initiated the political reform in the country and the country became strong and prosperous due to the change. After the death of the king of Chu, the royal family launched a rebellion. Wu Qi was killed before the coffin of the king.

Many foreign students who study Mandarin in Yunnan know that the books about military affairs of Wu Qi were very popular in Warring States period and Western Han Dynasty. There is much influence on the society at that time. There are 33 chapters of the book Wuzi and the form is in dialogues.

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