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What is the Deductive Method in Chinese Teaching?


When teachers apply the deductive method to the Chinese teaching, they will experience a process from the general to the specific. In order to help students learn Mandarin in this way, teachers should firstly explain the general grammar rules, and then take some typical examples. And the students should practice and use it by following the rules and principles. For instance, teachers can help those who learn Mandarin study the reduplication of adjectives by following the three steps.

Firstly, teachers give some adjectives of reduplication, explaining the forms, meanings and conditions of usage and some examples. Then, the students who learn Chinese language should describe some objects by sing the reduplication of adjectives like 高高的,长长的 and 大大的. At last, teachers will remind the students to know 很 and 非常 and不are not allowed in the reduplication forms. It is helpful to learn Mandarin because the deductive method emphasizes the systematicness and completeness of the grammar teaching. But we should avoid to just telling them grammar knowledge.

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