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Volunteers who Take the Summer Mandarin Immersion Program

As the fast development of Chinese economy, the increase of comprehensive national power and international position, China has more and more frequent communication on politics, economy and culture with foreign countries. Therefore, the need of learning Chinese language of international society is increasing violently. More and more foreigners chose take summer mandarin immersion program. Facing with the new situation and opportunity, Chinese government has strengthened the communication and cooperation on language cultural education with all countries in the world and taken all kinds of positive measures to provide a variety of superior language culture teaching resources for overseas countries in order to respond the stronger and stronger need of Chinese language learning especially the summer mandarin immersion program brought by the soar of Chinese economy and strengthen the mutual understanding of Chinese culture and every ethnic culture of the world to make great efforts on making the world more harmonious and beautiful.

In order to adapt the new developing situation of world’s Chinese language teaching for the students aboard and the ones who learn Mandarin in China and relieve the situation of lacking Chinese teachers of many countries, the Chinese Education Department issued the “Plan of Chinese volunteers of International Chinese language teachers” to recruit domestic volunteers for teaching Chinese language overseas especially for the summer mandarin immersion program.

The seasons change fast and since the International Chinese teachers Volunteers Project has started on 2004, the project scale has been kept expanding, contents have been enriching gradually, the project has been completing and mature, cultivated a volunteer developing path which has distinct features and productive. By the end of 2010, thousands of volunteers have gone to 89 countries and taken the volunteer works of Chinese and Chinese culture especially for the summer mandarin immersion program.

As the strengthening of volunteer team who has experience in teaching the students who learn Mandarin in China , “the International Chinese teachers Volunteers” are being more apparent as a newborn social cultural identity. The choice of volunteer identity means that the agreement of global volunteer service spirit contains the enthusiasm of internationally spreading of Chinese and Chinese culture, as well as symbolizes the Chinese attitude of integrating multi-culture. In recent years, the dedicated spirit that volunteer groups show, touching stories appeared in practice and the adaptability for multi-culture and the plasticity of natural abilities, especially their easygoing smiles and hard-working attitudes have enriched the connotation of volunteer social cultural identity, built up the image of new modern Chinese youths and got the acceptance and praise from the domestic and overseas.

The highlight of volunteer social cultural identity gives us the emotional acquisition and brings the rational regression. If at the beginning period of volunteer project specially the summer mandarin immersion program., the inspiration of spirit, enthusiasm of youth and the sublime mission had played an important role, then the expansion and perfection to its establishment of identity, the consideration and definition to the significance of choice are not only the problem of volunteer group itself, but also the problem that the society concerns inevitably.

Because of the contribution for the influence of national culture, volunteers have not only been paid attention to the society, but also driven the innovation of personnel training patterns specially for the summer mandarin immersion program, even had a positive effect on the improvement and perfection of education system in some degree, which lead a new atmosphere of institutions for higher learning, social policy and systems. As President Hu Jintao has indicated, “To increase the higher education quality, the inheritance and innovation of culture must be promoted.” While volunteers are one of the models of internationalized and compound personnel training under the multi-cultural context, they have the opportunity of enriching them with the civilization achievements which were made by human and soaking in the civilization essence of all places on the internationalized stage.

Volunteers are the main body that appreciates multi-culture and even the main body which promotes the communication between Chinese and multi-culture, therefore the expansion of international visions, the perfection of knowledge structures, the progress of acquisition and adaptation, the strengthening of cultivation and innovation and having the wisdom of holding culture distance and sophistication are necessary for the quality improvement of this group. We should sensitively realize that changing is the keynote and ordinary state of social development in the changing days. The wise measures are to follow the trend of society, keep pace with the times and realize the evolution and development of oneself or groups.

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