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Two Interesting Chinese Jokes

Here two interesting Chinese jokes that might help you learn Chinese and get to understand Chinese jokeculture.

Awarding a calendar

It was New Year’s Eve when a servant came to present his master’s New Year’s gift to the master of the house. The master of the house to ok down from the wall the old calendar and bade his valet to give it to the servant as an award.
“I’m afraid he would have no use for it,” rejoined the valet.
“Well,” said his master, “I have no use for it either.”


A man was bragging of his fabulous wealth in front of his guest.
“There’s nothing we don’t have in the house,” said he.
And bending two of his fingers, he went on:
“Except the sun and the moon in heaven.”
Hardly had he uttered these words when his servant-boy came out and said:
“Master, there’s no more firewood in the kitchen.”
At that the man hastily bent another finger and said:
“Except the sun, the moon and the firewood.”

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