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Two Games of Learning Consonants and Finals in Mandarin

In the enlightening period of learning Mandarin, there are two good methods are provided, namely, the reciting game and card game. If the overseas students ever been to study in Chinese language school in China, they might have been demanded to recite the Initial Consonants List and the Finals List. The good thing of reciting is that you can write down the relevant initial consonants or finals as long as you recite the list if you forget certain one temporarily. You can memorize them mechanically but it would be better if you apply some interesting games or methods to make it more effective.

For example, teachers can name the students with the letters of the initial consonants or finals and arrange them in order. If there are eight students in the class, it is possible to name the students as B, P, M, F, D, T, N and L. The students can basically remember the consonants or finals after making roll call for three times. Of course, it is important for them to stand up to answer to deepen the memory.

To make it more difficult, teachers can name some students as consonants and some as finals, and then ask the students with consonants and finals combination to the platform to articulate the letters they stand for. The other students are supposed to articulate by combing them together. If there are many students in the class, it is good to add proper punishments if they answer incorrectly.

Another game needs some cards with initial consonants and finals to learn the points and strengthen the expression. Some teachers in qualified Mandarin program often distribute the cards with consonants and finals to the students and the student should stand up immediately if the teachers articulate the consonant or vowel they hold in their hands, and then read it loudly. In some cases, teachers can pick up one card randomly and the students are supposed to guess.

The application of cards to practice the initial consonants and finals is very effective. The teachers can also show the cards in order for the students to read together but there is one card without anything and the students need to guess it. Of course, the cards with the initial consonants and finals in Mandarin can also function as the playing cards. And teachers can just make the rules according to the actual situations. It is also a good method to strengthen the memory. 

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