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Tsitshihar Moon Island

Tsitshihar Moon Island scenic spot is located in the spot which is seven kilometers in the northwest part of Tsitshihar city. It is an island in the middle of the river. The area of the island is about 0.8 square kilometers. There are many trees and flowers on the island, forming a picture of charming sceneries. Many foreign students taking Chinese learning programs travels around China and they know that the Moon Island is the twin Island of Sun Island. The Moon Island is located in the north while the Sun Island in the south. The Moon Island is quiet while Sun Island lively. The Moon Island is simple and full of antiquity while Sun Island is of modern features. But the distinctive features of the islands attract many tourists every year.

The Moon Island covers a wide range of area. When you are on the island, you will feel free from the worldly annoyance and trouble. The mind and the soul will be cultivated. The forest zone, plants zone, gardening cultivation zone, central tourism zone and sports zone make the visitors there comfortable. When you look into the distance, the sand dunes on the island will enter your eyes and you will feel surprised to see the wild life on the island.

The Moon Island stretches four kilometers from east to west and three kilometers from south to north. There are more than 400 hundred kinds of wild life and 200 thousand kinds of trees on the island. The old elm trees and locust trees make the visitors miss the ancient times in China. The foreign students who study Chinese in China say they like the ancient tint of the scenic spot which is reflected by the old trees.

In the middle of the Moon Island, antique buildings in Qing Dynasty are laid out in charming structure. There is a fishing lake and sand dunes on the island. The Wanshan Temple on the island is surrounded by pavilions, parterre and quiet paths, which makes it a hot spot on the Moon Island. The unique view on the island is the short train rail route on the island which is 4.3 kilometers. The visitors can take the train to travel around the island. The restaurants, hotels and recreation facilities bring convenience and joy to the visitors. 

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