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Tranquil interior surrounded by solid walls

Unlike Greek architecture, which is an organic combination of blocks, Chinese traditional architecture emphasized unobstructedness and tone, and displays the rich variance and connotation of the tone with innumerable flowing lines.

Large, solid walls not only function as a protective surrounding defense, they also embody tranquility. Secluding the residence from the outside world, the thick, solid walls block noise from outside and keep the inside quite.

Partitions such as railings, pierced stonework or brickwork, and window lattices act as frames and agents of distancing. Connection between the exterior and the interior is one of the artistic methods used in Chinese architecture. The combination of partition and connection can be achieved with a bamboo curtain, a door or a window. The lattices in partitions, doors and windows make ideal frames, separating the outside scenery into several sections.

Simple and elegant beauty is a major feature of the traditional Chinese residence. Most dwellings have no ceilings, and the beams and rafters are exposed. The railing structure shows even the ground floor, accompanied only with some decoration in certain corners. The exterior usually consists of plain brick walls. Wooden eaves are seldom painted, but only coated with tung oil as a damp-proof treatment.

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