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Topic Teaching of Live Chinese

The book named the Live Chinese Teaching and Topics is a visual and auditory and lingual book complied in recent years. In this book, the relationships among these three factors are discussed. About this issue, various people have different ideas. Some people regard the visual and auditory and lingual course as the course focusing on speaking while some think it should be almost the listening course, which are as a matter of fact incorrect but normal. Teachers can emphasize one certain factor according to the collocating conditions and the difficulty level of the teaching materials.

The live Chinese teaching is relatively difficult for the students who study Mandarin in Chinese learning programs. Therefore, it is important to spend much time in audio-visual instruction and also the practice of such exercises. But it doesn’t mean the speaking teaching is not important at all. On the contrary, Chinese language teachers should have a proper opinion on the lingual teaching. For the speaking course for the students of the intermediate and advanced levels, there are also many different opinions.

In fact, the oral Chinese language teaching of intermediate and advanced levels should be strengthened but it is unnecessary to open the oral language course because the students of such levels have already had certain oral Chinese language ability. Even though the oral Chinese is not so urgent to practice, the overall oral language ability is still not so good. Therefore, teachers need to realize that the teaching purpose of the intermediate level and advanced level is not to solve the simple problems in learning and life, but to improve the overall oral Chinese of expression ability of them.

As a result, the teaching method that teachers need to continue to use is passage oral practice but not the simple practice of asking and answering. It has become the common view of many people to process the topic teaching for the students of intermediate and advanced levels. However, for the choosing of the topic, it should be really sufficient and specific but not just one simple question or topic.

Therefore, we can see that the topic teaching is really important for the Chinese language learners who learn Chinese online free because it also apply much information acquired from the audio-visual teaching to practice oral expression. Of course, teachers can ask the students to listen to the other to see whether there are some mistakes. The teachers can correct the mistakes that the students do not realize. 

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