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Tips for Teaching Chinese in Mandarin Language Schools in China

Tips C Game: finding the missing people

Teaching object: zero level beginners

Details: Ask one student to stand in front and let other students look at him or her carefully is also one of the tips for teaching in Mandarin language school. Then ask the student hide outside the classroom. And tell the other students that the student has been missing. And let the other student to find him or her out by asking the others if they have seen the student. Then, these students have to remember the characteristics of the student and give the detail of his or her characteristics according to the memory. For example, what is the student wearing like the style of shoes, the color of the clothes, and the aglet. And what he or she has brought with?

Methods and skills: The students are able to play this game when they begin to learn something about the sentence structure “动词V+着”. And doing warm-up is necessary before the beginning of the game. For example, tell something traditional about how the Chinese bride dresses, when they have a wedding.

Teaching effect: Playing the game like this is a good way to create an unforgettable context of situation. Then it makes the language easier to remember and use.

Tips D folk story: The Mouse Daughter’s Wedding

Teaching object: primary level or intermediate level

Details: there is another game of the tips for teaching in Mandarin language school. The mouse wants to have a wedding for his daughter. And he is thinking about his daughter had better marry a strong man. However, who is the mouse afraid of? Usually the mouse is afraid of the cat. Then mouse finds out the cat. The cat says: “我怕太阳,太阳更强大。I am afraid of the sun. Therefore, the sun is more stronger than me.” Then the mouse finds the sun, but the sun says: “我怕云,云更强大。I am afraid of the clouds.” Well the mouse tries to find the clouds, nevertheless the clouds say: “我怕风,风更强大。I am afraid of the wind. So the wind is much stronger than me.” Later, the mouse finds the wind, the wind says: “我怕墙,墙更强大。I am afraid of the wall. So the wall is stronger than me.” Finally, the mouse finds the wall and asks: “听说你是最强大的,你是不是世界上最强大的?It is said that you are the strongest in the world, do you?” But the wall says: “不不不,我还不是最强大的。我怕老鼠,老鼠更强大。No, I am not. I am not the strongest in the world. I am afraid of the mouse. So the mouse is stronger.” The mouse has no choice but choose the cat as the bridegroom of her daughter, because he thinks that the mouse is afraid of the cat.

Methods and skills: This is a popular folk story among the commons in Mandarin language school. These sentences repeat again and again. Therefore it is benefit to learn the comparative sentences. When the students start to learn the sentence structure with “比”, the teacher can ask the students to retell the story. Certainly, the teacher hast to ask the students to answer the question”谁怕谁” in the first time. For example, “老鼠怕谁?猫怕谁?”.

Teaching effect: It is better to use the folk story in teaching in Mandarin language school, because the students may be curious about the learning and familiar with the content. Anyway, the students often like these series of folk stories. Besides, the students can learn the language and enjoy the culture.

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