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Theories of Philosopher Xun Zi in Pre-Qin Period

The ancient book and record Xun Zi is about the behaviors and theories of Xun Zi, the representative of Confucian School. During the period when you study Chinese in China, teachers may tell you his thoughts were greatly different from those of Meng Zi. The former proposed that people’s nature is bad while the latter is the opposite.

That is to say, he thought people are not born sages and men of virtue and people become kind results in the postnatal education. The students who learn Chinese in China may be told that Xun Zi was greatly influenced by Lao Zi so that he thought people should follow the nature but also can change the nature. Another important thing you should know when you study Mandarin in China is that Xun Zi attached importance to both rite and law. It was a great development in the theories of the Confucianism.

Xun Zi believed that the rite is very important to adjust the relationship between human being. Therefore, when you learn Chinese in China, you will know he advocate to overcome people with virtue, but not the violence.

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