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The Techniques of the Teaching Chinese Language in Classrooms

In the classroom, teachers should use the teaching language properly. First of all, the teaching language that the teachers used to teach Mandarin language should closely cooperate with the teaching contents. Teachers’ teaching language is very demonstrative. Teachers can set a direct and effective good example for students to speak Chinese.

The standard teaching language is the direct source of students’ learning and it is the object to imitate. Therefore, in order to help students learn to speak Chinese, teachers should combine the teaching contents to the teaching language. For this goal, teachers should use the teaching language to repeat the contents that they have learned. For instance, “同学们,现在下课了” for the point “现在”.

The second pint is to input with understandable teaching language. As the teaching language in classroom teaching is the information resource for students to learn Mandarin, it should be understandable. As it is “understandable”, the input contents should be a little higher level than that of the students. Therefore, teachers should put the teaching language into the learned contents and summarize them and use them into the new context.

For the students of the elementary level who come to learn Chinese in China, the most frequently heard Chinese language is teachers’ teaching language. Therefore, whether they can hear it clearly is the key factor of learning effectively. It is an important teaching goal that to help students to understand what teachers say.

Besides to input understandable contents to students, teachers’ pronunciation is also an important factor. Every student who comes to study in China loves the teachers who can articulate clearly and have a proper voice that everyone can hear and proper speed that each student can follow. But there is no permanent standard for it because it depends of the students’ language levels.

Many people believe that teachers should slow down their speed for those foreigners who study Chinese. However, the low speed may cause the interruption of understanding because it will take a longer time to transmit the information. Therefore, teaches should keep a proper speed to make sure students can understand better.

All in all, the application of the teaching language should be closely related to the teaching contents and combine them together so that students can learn from it gradually. Teachers’ pronunciation of using the teaching language is also important. 

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