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The Relationship between Teachers and Students in Chinese Teaching

In Chinese class teaching as a foreign language, the relationship between teachers and students is important. Whether it can be dealt properly is related to the effectiveness of Chinese teaching and learning. But first of all, we should know the role of the students in class teaching. Teachers in Chinese language school should know that “Learning” is the task for students, so teachers can’t do all things for them.

Teachers should always put the students at the very first place. If we want to mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm to study Chinese, teachers should realize three points. Firstly, students are the main participants in teaching process. What the teachers do is for attracting students to join in the teaching activities. If there are no students to participate, there are no teaching activities existed for helping students mastering Chinese language and acquiring language skills.

Secondly, students can learn consciously and initiatively. Those who come to learn Chinese in China have the determination to learn Chinese better. Driven by this motive power, students can make efforts to study initiatively. Besides, students have great potential. Therefore, the teachers shouldn’t just teach them step by step but to create all kinds of inner motivation and learning desire according to their characteristics.

Last but not least, students’ principle role is reflected in the aspects that they are the host for the study, class and learning time. After knowing the students’ role in teaching activities clearly, teachers in Mandarin learning courses should properly deal with the relationship between teachers and students.

First of all, the relationship between teachers and students is the cooperative relationship. Both of them are the common participants of teaching activities. It can be processed when either side is missed. The teachers’ teaching is for students and students’ learning is from the teachers. They are two independent parts but also closely related. Therefore, the relationship will have a great influence on students’ learning effectiveness when they learn Mandarin in China.

We agree with the idea of “teacher is the leading role and student the main part”. In the practical teaching, we propose the close cooperative relationship between them. Foreigners who study in China should know that the so-called “cooperative relationship” implies the equal and democratic relationship. The classroom atmosphere should be relaxing, the information and resource should be shared and they should respect each other. Teachers should know clearly about students’ characteristics and students should also understand teachers. On this basis, the cooperative relationship will be built to ensure the achievement of the teaching goals.

What’s more, the relationship between teachers and students is not just the relationship of teaching and learning, more importantly, the interpersonal relationship. If there is no good communication and understanding between them, there will be no excellent cooperative relationship in teaching process. When the harmonious relation was established, students who come to learn Chinese language can acknowledge what teachers do and then absorb the language knowledge and skills that teacher taught.

Since it is language teaching, the exchange and communication with language are essential. However, as teachers, they should keep a proper relationship between teachers and students, which is to say, to maintain the personal dignity. Teachers shouldn’t ignore the basic principles and students’ requirements. Only teachers keep a harmonious relation between them can students learn to speak Chinese better.

On the contrary, if teachers fail to maintain the proper degree of the relationship, the friendly interpersonal relation can’t be established. What’s worse, the students will hate teachers. In addition, teachers should speak and act appropriate when they teach Mandarin Chinese, thus keeping a friendly and proper relationship to promote the language learning and teaching.

last but not least, the foreigners who study Mandarin Chinese may have heard about the idea of Confucius “teaching benefits teachers as well as students”, which reflects the relationship between teachers and students. The classroom is not only the place for teachers’performance. In teaching process, teachers and students should promote each other to make progress. It is the teachers’guide that students can gain language knowledge. But teachers should also respect students’thinking ways and background as well as learn from them to improve the teaching quality.

Knowing the relationship between teachers and students is very important for teachers and students. By creating a friendly and harmonious relationship, students can learn effectively and teachers can improve their teaching quality.

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