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The “Red-blue Chinese Language Teaching Method” in Mongolia

With the “Chinese fever” continues to warm up, it getting more and more popular to learn Chinese language. Accordingly, to raise the level of Chinese teaching techniques becomes an important mission forChinese language teachers. Therefore, in the process of teaching Chinese, teachers often attempt to use a variety of teaching methods to help students improve communicative competence.

But the point we all know is that different techniques should be applied to various students from different countries because the conditions of learning Chinese language are different. Language barrier is the most intractable problem in the Chinese teaching. In the neighboring Mongolia, volunteer Chinese languageteachers create a new method to help students learn Mandarin and much progress has been made.

The effective method is called “the Red-blue Teaching Method”. According to the explanation by the leader professor Gerile Zhabu, red is the traditional festival color in China, representing the teachers in volunteer programs in China. While blue is the most popular color in Mongolia, symbolizing the thriving students wholearn Chinese language in Mongolia.

But, what is the so-called “Red-blue Teaching Method”? In order to explain this method in detail, the volunteer teachers in teaching Chinese language Zhang Liguo said that they translate the new Chinese words by looking up the Chinese-Mongol Dictionary and then make sentences when they prepare the classes. Chinese language learners who study in China should know that they even translate the key words in the texts to prepare better.

When it comes to the class, the teachers first explain the new words in the text. Then, they ask students who study Chinese better to help teachers explain the new words to the other students in Mongol. In the next step, teachers guide students to read the passages on this basis. If the students can finish reading the text smoothly, teachers should explain the main idea of the lesson in Chinese language and ask the excellent students to translate into the Mongol to help the others comprehend the text.

More importantly, in the process of students translating the Chinese language into Mongol, teachers should pay attention to judge whether the students translate correctly by following the marked contents in Mongol when teachers preparing the lesson. By this way, teachers not only reach the goal of eliminating the language barrier but also increase students’ interest to learn Mandarin Chinese, thus obviously increasing the Chinese learning results.

Most foreigners who learn in Chinese language school may be curious about the reason why the “Red-blue Chinese language Teaching Method” is so popular in schools of Mongolia. The volunteers in Chinese language teaching hold the opinion that this method can fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm to study Mandarin Chinese thus improve learning efficiency. What’s more, we can save a lot of teaching time so more practice time is increased.

The news surprises foreign students who learn Chinese in China may be the high efficiency of learning Chinese characters. In the class, by using the “Red-blue Chinese language Teaching Method”, the beginners of Chinese language learning can help them remember Chinese characters from five or six per day to twelve or thirteen characters or words.

In recent times, an increasing number of foreign learners come to join in Chinese learning programs for the purpose of acquiring Chinese. So, more teachers are needed to teach Chinese to foreigners. But the problem is that they come from different countries. We all know that different people from different cultures have various problems in learning Chinese. Therefore, it is very important to find different techniques to teach aiming at the characteristics of the learners.

From the case of teaching Chinese language in Mongolia by the so-called “Red-blue Chinese languageTeaching Method”, we should get some experience in Chinese language teaching. Maybe we can widely use the one-on-one Chinese learning programs because it is well-targeted. More importantly, teachers should pay more attention to the characteristics of learners in Chinese learning so that they can create proper method to help them learn better.

We can see obviously from the case above that only when Chinese language teachers put forward appropriate and effective methods according to the local conditions and different students as well as various environments can they help learners study language better. Then we can promote the spread of Chinese language internationally.

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