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The new attempt in to teach Chinese Characters

 Since 2003, the writer has practice the new method of teaching Chinese Characters based on the writer’s experience. At the same time a book named “原味中文” (yuán wèi zhōnɡ wén)has been compiled by the writer which had been published in 2008 in France. This book is effected by the spirit of “基本字带字”(jī běn zì dài zì) directly. It follows the rules that teach the Primogramme and then the new words formed by the components of the Primogramme. Nevertheless, it is different from the Chinese textbooks for elementary students. Because in the primary phase of teaching Chinese as second language, it is hard to achieve that use the method of “基本字带字” (jī běn zì dài zì)to teach a serious new words in one class.

In this text book, the most common method of teaching Chinese Characters from the teachers’ experience is that teach one word in a unit and teach the new words (one or two) formed by learnt word in the following different units. “基本字带字”(jī běn zì dài zì) is the main clues about the materials of learning Chinese Characters.

Some examples from the book compiled by the writer about “基本字带字”(jī běn zì dài zì)



Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 7

Unit 8

Unit 9

Unit 10

Unit 12

Unit 13

Unit 14

Unit 15





















































To a great extent, using this main method evades disagreement or conflict of the order in arranging. And it lives up to the law of Chinese Characters’ forming and the way of learning for the students as well. The students can learn the new words according to the words they have learnt before so that they can beneficial for the virtuous circle. This is a good experience shared by many students.

As the above representation, the students learn “方”(fānɡ) from “地方”(dì fɑnɡ)in unit 7, and then they learn “房” (fánɡ)from “房子”(fánɡ zi) in the unit 10. The students learn the “放”(fànɡ) from “放假” (fànɡ jià)at last. By this way, the students can make use of what they have learnt unconsciously to remember the new content effectively. The experimental results show the students in this way can master the words faster than the other students. Also this is useful experience And they can make fewer mistakes as well.

There are only 550 words in the first text book of “原味中文”(yuán wèi zhōnɡ wén). However, the final goal of the new attempt is to teach 1400 to 1500 new words in order to make the students master the common words and use them freely. And the writer hope that the method of “基本字带字”(jī běn zì dài zì) can work more effectively in the second and the third book of “原味中文”(yuán wèi zhōnɡ wén) in order to improve efficiency of teaching Chinese as second language.

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