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The Most “Chinese” Characters

The latest “Chinese Heritage” magazine published the selection result of “100 most significant characters of Chinese culture”. The Chinese character “和(he, ‘harmony’)” was selected as the most Chinese character. Among the 100 characters under selection, there are characters represent the social civilization, such as “禾(he, ‘plants’)”; and characters that denote Chinese philosophy, religion and culture, such as “儒(ru, ‘Confucianism’)”; also the characters show the national sentiment, such as “中(zhong, ‘middle, center’)”.

The editor predicted that different people may have different choices, but as great minds think alike, the result is not out of expectation. And for other characters that win a lot of support, if you put them together, you may find that they are the key words of the Confucius culture, like “天(tian, ‘heaven’)”, “信(xin, ‘faithfulness’)”, “仁(ren, ‘benevolence’)”, “德(de, ‘morality’)” and so on.


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