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The most authentic Chinese words and phrases: 五wǔ

 In the Chinese language, “五” is a number word, means “five”. There is a traditional Chinese festival called “The Dragon Boating Festival”, as it is on the 5th day of May on the Chinese lunar calendar, so it is also called “the May Festival”, “五月节wǔ yuè jié” in Chinese. Everybody will eat Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding) and hold dragon boat competition. “五官wǔ ?uān” means the “five sense organs”. Chinese people like to say young people that his or her “wǔ ?uān” is well-featured, and even beautiful to praise young people. “五wǔ” is a comparatively lucky number in China, it shares the similar pronunciation with “我wǒ—I, my, me”. So it is very popular in China to say “520”, which represents “I love you.” In the same way, “2” and “love”, “0” and “you” also share the similar pronunciation, so the young people use “520” to show “I love you.”

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