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The most authentic Chinese word: 四sì

Today, we will introduce a Chinese character, 四. Through Keats School‘s website, we hope you will be able to learnsome basic Chinese and Chinese culture. If you are unable to come to China to learn Chinese in China, check this website frequently, and you will learn Chinese as well.

In the Chinese language, “四sì” means the number “four”. In Chinese people’s mind, the number “四sì” is not a lucky number. Because it shares the similar pronunciation with “死sǐ”, which means “die or death”. So Chinese people don’t like the phone number and car number with number “四sì”. Also they will not choose a date with “四sì” to go traveling or have a wedding ceremony and this kind of things.

Traditional northern China’s house is “四合院sì hé yuàn—quadrangle dwellings or quadrangle courtyard”. This traditional architecture reflects Chinese minds of “harmony and love”. The surrounding of “四合院sì hé yuàn” is always alleyway. As a complete surrounding must include four walls in the shape of a square, “all round surrounding” in Chinese is “四周sì zhōu”, “周zhōu” emphasizes a circle and surrounding.

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