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The Chinese Comic Dialogue – “Swindler”

For those who have learned Chinese for a period of time, they may be interested in the Chinese comic dialogue when they study in China. It is entertaining and attractive to students.

As the comic dialogue is a good resource for Chinese learning, a crosstalk will be explained for helping students to study Chinese in the following parts. The title is “忽悠”, and the original text goes like this:
高秀敏: 啊~~~ 大忽悠!大忽悠! 
  赵本山: 喊啥大忽悠,别叫我艺名行不行? 
  高秀敏: 孩儿他爸, 
  赵本山: 恩, 
  高秀敏: 要我说这个拐就别卖啦! 
  赵本山: 因为啥呀? 
  高秀敏: 这满大街都是腿脚好的,谁买你玩意啊? 
  赵本山: 你废话,不卖了,做这副拐又搭工又搭料,一天一宿没睡觉,不做不赔了么? 
  高秀敏: 哎呀,那这满大街都是腿脚好的,能卖出去吗! 
  赵本山: 你还不了解我吗,还管我叫大忽悠呢。我能把正的忽悠斜了,能把蔫的忽悠 
谑了,能把小两口过的挺好,我给他忽悠分别了。今天卖拐,一双好腿我能给 他忽悠瘸了! 
高秀敏: 哈哈,你可拉倒吧, 
  赵本山: 信不信? 
  高秀敏: 我就不信人家好好的腿你就能给人忽悠瘸了? 
  赵本山: 你看吧,这就是我强项。

To help overseas students to learn Mandarin Chinese, here is a possible translation provided to help understand it’ meaning:
Gao: wow, swindler, swindler!
Zhao: What swindler? Don’t call my stage name, ok?
Gao: Then, the son’s daddy.
Zhao: En-heng.
Gao: I don’t think that’s a good idea to sell the crutch.
Zhao: What?
Gao: People in the street are all play and jump happily, who would be so foolish to buy that pity thing?
Zhao: What are you talking about? I worked day and night and spent so many materials to finish it. And now you are telling me not sell it?
Gao: Er…But how can you sell it before those healthy people?
Zhao: Don’t you know me? You’re calling me the swindler! With this talent, I can make the straight become the bend. I can turn the dying into the energetic. I can make the sweet couple separated right away. Today, to sell this crutch, I am able to make the strong legs lamed.
Gao: Haha… Come on! Forget all about it!
Zhao: What? You don’t believe it?
Gao: I don’t see any possibility to make the strong legs lamed just by bragging.
Zhao: You’ll see. That’s exactly what I do.

The operculum above is just an excerpt from the complete one. It is interesting for those who just start to learn Mandarin because the contents are funny and bring learners laughter.

From this comic dialogue, students can learn Chinese that are very interesting such as “忽悠”, “孩儿他爸”, “玩意” and “拉倒”. After understanding the meaning of these words and expressions, students can speak them in daily life.

For those who have started to learn Chinese in China for a long time, they can see that the Chinese comic dialogue can reflect some social phenomena that cheaters are everywhere.

Generally speaking, most comic dialogues are difficult to understand because there are some characters with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, it is not suitable for one-on-one Chinese learning programs because there are too many to explain. Nevertheless, it can be extended learning material because there are many audio and video files on the Internet. Therefore, students can learn Chinese online free.

For everyone who wants to study Mandarin Chinese better, it is not enough to just listen to the operculum once and pass and forget it. On the contrary, it is a good suggestion to build Chinese learning programs for regular learning and training plan.

This is a very funny Chinese comic dialogue for entertainment, and at the same time, students can learn some useful expressions.


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