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The Business Chinese Test Upsurge in Korea

Foreigners around the world have raised a tide of learning Chinese language. Following this Chinese learning hot, the employment market in Korea is in a practical Chinese tide. During the process when foreigners learn Chinese in China, they may be told that it results from the China’s economic recovery after the world economic crisis. They learn Chinese because more talents are needed to open the Chinese market.

In Korea, most people learn Mandarin Chinese for the purpose of practical use, especially for those large corporations and enterprises. Many leaders of personal and education department of the main enterprises hold the opinion that they attach great importance to the practical Chinese ability like speaking and writing. Therefore, more and more enterprises in Korea start focusing on Business Chinese Test (BCT).

As the BCT getting more popular, it gradually becomes a standard to measure people’s ability. Kumho Asiana Group is a very important enterprise in Korea which aims at opening the China market. It plans to put the recognized grades of BCT into a reflection standard to employ new workers. That is to say, as long as you get a certain level of BCT, you will get more opportunities and chances. Therefore, more Koreans begin to study Chinese nowadays.

There are seven subsidiary companies of Kumho Asiana Group in China. They are all blooming in China, with a total member of 3700 work in China. However, it is not the only corporation to regard the BCT grades as a standard. Those who study in China may be familiar with the enterprises like Future Asserts Group, LG Chemical, SKC and Korea Investment Trust Application and so on. All of them are quickening their steps.

Tourism industry such as Asiana, Modutour Tourist Companies and other well-known companies have decided to take BCT certification into consideration in the entrance exam. Teachers in Mandarin learning courses may tell you that these enterprises select BCT as a new standard for Chinese ability with the same standard of HSK, a Chinese proficiency test in China.

In addition, some enterprise like Samsung, LG, Lotte, and Korean Air are discussing to select Chinese evaluation criteria as the entrance standard. Students in Mandarin language courses in China may have heard about that the enterprises like SK Telecom, Hynix and Kotra regard BCT as an internal education evaluation means. Hynix even selected staffs that learn Chinese language as the object to implement BCT special examination.

Zhang Shimin is the dean of Chinese language school. He ever said that learning to speak Chinese is the main purpose at the very beginning of the Chinese learning tide. However, teachers then gradually attach more importance to the grammar when they teach Mandarin language. The popularity of BCT gives more importance to the practical Chinese like speaking and writing.

So far, the measurement of learners’ ability of making conversation and writing needs to pass the ninth grade to eleventh grade of the advanced HSK. As a professor who has taught Chinese language for twenty years, Mr. Zhang said that most students feel the limitations of the Chinese learning centers on grammar and reading comprehension in Chinese language school. Therefore, the practical usage is the most important point.

However, what troubles the principles of Human Resource in enterprises is that they are lack of talents that have the ability to explore China market even though there are increasing staffs that are learning Chinese language. When foreigners go to school to study Mandarin in China, they may be told that the failure of an enterprise has close relationship with the poor communication ability.

For example, after the establishment of Korea and China diplomatic relation in the year of 1992, many enterprises in Korea failed in China market. The reason is that there was no one attached importance to learn Chinese language. Therefore, they failed in international communication. As a result, when many enterprises select staff and workers, they demand the interviewees speak foreign language in the interview.

BCT is a very effective and practical test applied to test the foreigners’ ability of using Chinese language in their work. We can see that only those who have qualified business Chinese can they make success in China market. Therefore, Chinese language learning is an essential condition of success in China. 

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