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Take Measures to Promote the Internationalization of Mandarin Language Program

In order to promote the internationalization of Mandarin language program, some teachers believe that we should take example by TCSL in Singapore to rethink and self-criticize the current situation of domestic and overseas TCSL. Innovate and reform for the internationalization of Chinese teaching and establish the effective system so that the influence of Chinese will be increased and more people will be attracted to learn Mandarin in China.

Nowadays the whole TCSL field is discussing that “teachers, textbooks and teaching approaches” are the three bottleneck problems for the promotion of Mandarin language program. Indeed, teaching is the core work for the promotion, and administration is the important component part for it as well. This administration is essentially a kind of teaching administration, which refers to the administrator reaches the fixed target of the promotion and teaching activity.

The transferring of the main battle field of Mandarin language program from learning Mandarin in China to learning Mandarin abroad brings new challenges for the administrator at the same time: (1) The administrator need to analyze and learn the social demands and market changes in different countries; make school goals hierarchically; find its own coordinate and search for the opportunity of self-development. (2) The school scale of Mandarin language program has had a great-leap-forward development both overseas and at home. While the quick expansion of scale not only increases the quantity of works, but also causes many new problems and situations. It also brings challenges about how to make sure the scale, quality, structure and the collaborative development of efficiency; (3) Seeing from the view of system theory, the administration in the international promotion of Mandarin language program is a big system and the standard of administration will directly influence the improvement of Chinese promotion quality. Aiming to these challenges, the promotion should innovate administrative ideas and build up scientific and effective operation mechanism.

Firstly, build up the consciousness of nationality and enhance the classification guidance. The international promotion of Mandarin language program should adjust measures to local conditions and establish classification operation mechanism.

Secondly, build up the consciousness of cost and optimize education teaching resources as well as enhance the macroscopic plan. Mandarin language program promotion should make plan macroscopically and optimize the current limited Chinese teaching resources to get rid of the blind investment, repeated investment in the administrative work.

Thirdly, establish permanent mechanism and promote the Mandarin language program to be sustainable. So far, the international promotion of the Mandarin language program has solved some problems and gained obvious achievement, such as the issuing of each criteria and the establishment of overseas Confucius Institute. But the promotion is the eternal lasting enterprise of our nation and ethnics; we can’t complete it in a quite short term. How to enhance the achievement and continue it? What kind of permanent mechanism should be built? However, the permanent mechanism will change as time and conditions, therefore building the permanent mechanism in the promotion administration and making the administration institutionalized, regularized and modernized should be discussed in the future.

Fourthly, embody the idea of people oriented; strengthen the democratic administration and scientific administration. The administration of the promotion of Mandarin language program is not the ordinary administration. It has the double quality of both administration and academic research. To strengthen the democratic administration and scientific administration is to involve experts, scholars and teachers in this field into teaching decision, teaching reformation and teaching establishment of the promotion and listen to their opinions and views.

Fifthly, make full use of modern information technology means to build the stage of administration. The administration of international promotion of Mandarin language program is a big system. In the view of system theory, administrators should make full use of modern information technology and organically arrange administration system and its components to build up a new effective administration system and new model so that they can provide high-quality service for the promotion of Chinese programs.

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